3D Scanning

There are three different ways to make a digital 3D object: 1: You can model it, using 3D design software like Blender, Maya, Tinkercad, Sketch-Up or a CAD program. 2: You can download an already existing 3D object from a website like Thingiverse, TurboSquid or The Smithsonian Museum. OR 3: you can take a 3D scan of an existing object, using a 3D Scanner or photogrammetry.

I’ve been working with 3D scanning for a few years and have gotten some good results. I’ve scanned native masks, glasses frames, dolls, tchotchkes, plants, and other various objects. Each one has it’s own challenges to overcome in order to get a good clean scan.

Wild Woman Mask

David 3D scan of a hand-carved wooden mask depicting a “Wild Woman of the Woods” aka Bigfoot.

Fossil Clam

A fossilized clam from my grandfather’s rock collection. Scanned using David 3D Structured Light scanner.

Cowboy Norman

David 3D scan of a hand-carved wooden bust of my friend Norman.

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